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I'm late to the game, obviously, but I have just now seen the third episode of the new BBC Sherlock Holmes series and it is everything I could have wanted, or quite nearly.

I want your fic recs. I know they're out there.

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I feel awful today and all I want to do is cry.

Is it too much to ask for just one thing that I don't have to make excuses for? That I don't have to go into a long explanation, or say 'I know what this sounds like, BUT.'

It's exactly what it sounds like. I just don't want it to be.

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So orientation happened, which I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, I'm really excited to be working in an atmosphere where the other employees are more likely to, I don't know. Share some of my general ideals about life? A bookstore should be staffed by people who like to read and learn new things, as opposed to a department store which can be staffed by whoever. I was a little proud to think that I'd be able to say I was employed by this company, because it's a company with good standing and seems well thought of by its customers, of which I am one.

Then that feeling was ruined with the knowledge that the other people being hired were there to become booksellers. I was there to pour coffee. The lady that hired me had talked about having me do more than one thing, but I think now that might have just been lipservice, because all employees have to train in all sections of the store, so while I could be called upon to sell books, I'm there to pour coffee.

And I doubt the other people are going to be called upon to pour coffee.

I don't have a particular issue with pouring coffee, but it seemed like a lot of the very exciting and interesting training stuff mentioned in the manual would not apply to me. Opportunities for advancement? Only if you're there to sell books! Encouraging everyone to read the new releases? Well sure you can, but that's going to be more useful for booksellers.

Then one of the girls that walked into the breakroom mentioned that she's a published author of four books and I felt like killing myself. She's probably younger than I am.

I can console myself that she said she writes YA fiction, which to me is published fanfic. There can be exceptionally good fanfic and exceptionally good YA fiction, but in general, YA books make me feel like I've read a fanfic of a really good series that has a lot more canon somewhere that I can't access.

Fortunately I didn't say any bullshit about being a writer myself. Everyone is an aspiring writer these days, with just as many (zero) completed works to their name and god knows what chance of ever being published.

Anyway I think I'm just a little butthurt because I'm going to be working in a place that I think is very cool, because I'm very passionate and excited about books, but I am not passionate about coffee, and coffee is what I'm going to be doing instead of books.

But maybe that's not true, maybe I'll decide it doesn't matter because jobs are jobs and even awesome sounding jobs come with their own 'stop having fun, we're here to make money' things. People who love movies don't have to be excited to work at a movie theater or a rental place, because those jobs involve a lot that is not ...you know, movies. It's about pushing product and advertising and sales promotions. Maybe I'll realize that selling books can just as tedious as renting movies. The cashier part is the same thing.

Maybe it's more that I still don't have a career relating to what I went to college for, and this could've maybe been a step towards that career, but I'm there to pour coffee part-time. Maybe it's okay anyway, because it's still going to put me in contact with a lot of books, and maybe my raging jealousy will push me to waste less time on roleplay and invest more time in writing something of my own. I do think it's a good idea to read the competition, after all.

This will probably be a really good opportunity for me either way.
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You know what hobby I would like to get into? Collecting or just going back and reading oldschool sci-fi, like the books that were written in the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. Aside from LOL YOU GUYS THOUGHT THERE WOULD BE SCANTILY CLAD HUMANOID WOMEN ON MARS, it'd be fascinating to see what "ancient" ideas about technology were. Or about alien life, or women, or artificial intelligence, or colonization.

Man I should have done that for my senior project.
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I am okay with everything right now, even being without internet over the weekend as we're going back to the farmhouse to spend New Years with my dad's mom.

I have lunch from Panda Express at 10 am, and a half day of work with zero phone calls, and my old ipod mini magically works again. On Thursday I leave for a real vacation over the next weekend, which will make up for all the hair pulling ridiculousness that has otherwise been this holiday.

ALSO I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO GOING FURNITURE SHOPPING obviously this means I am one foot in the grave ancient and there's no help for me.
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In response to the I Surrender meme from incandescens at http://incandescens.livejournal.com/921850.html:

A boarding school for time travellers. :)

Hoo boy.

Tempus Fugit

In the not too far off future, scientists have finally, FINALLY achieved time travel, but it remains out of reach to everyone except the outrageously rich due to the expense, and has since been turned into an ultimate leisure activity: the chance to go back in time and watch yourself in youth, undetected, or perhaps to visit a time period you've always wanted to see in person with the safety and comfort of a professional 'time tour guide.' For those who prefer to leave the kids at home during these delicate and sometimes dangerous expeditions, the Tempus Fugit Time Travel Agency offers an all inclusive package catered to youngsters: boarding school with private tutors and *real* history lessons in the form of short term jumps.

But when you mix bored rich kids, politics, professional adventurers and time travel, nothing ever turns out like what the brochures advertise...

I honestly don't watch a lot of TV, so I'm at a loss for casting TV actors. We'll pretend the casting director is really awesome and fills out these characters really awesomely.

The Guy: a 20 something "college student" impersonating a politician's son, actually a drop out from the time guide training program who is trying to investigate the circumstances of his father's suspicious death. A driven and closed-off hero who doesn't dare get close to anyone in the school. He probably monologues a lot, ala Dexter.

The Girl: another 20 something unhappy with her new celebrity life, due to her mother's recent re-marriage to Mr. Rich Guy. Family history with the scientists who discovered time travel, her birth father also died suspiciously.

The Other Girl: a mysterious girl who may or may not be someone from a previous time period, living undetected (or not so undetected) among the other students. Seems to be looking for someone. Very standoffish and Tough Girl.

The Other Boy: MIGHT ACTUALLY CONTROL TIME. Might also be the key to how the time travel machinery works, and therefore a valuable and closely guarded secret of the Agency. Possibly played by Jonathon Rhys Meyers.

The Guide: a former time guide/adventurer type now employed as a slightly disgruntled history teacher for the Agency, spending his time shepherding little brats through half hour time jumps to boring and safe historical events, like the signing of such and such document being done in that building over there. Occasionally claims to be from the future. Occasionally a jackass, but with a decent heart, and MIGHT actually be a deserter soldier from said future where wars are fought over control of time. Played by Nathan Fillion, bitches.

The History Professor: a young and brilliant graduate of some top line college, trying her damndest to get involved in real time travel in order to prove some of her more controversial papers. Probably gorgeous when she tries, probably the Guide's love interest.

The Board: the men and women in charge of the Agency and the boarding school, who play politics and indulge in corporate espionage against rival companies that want the time technology for themselves. Some are teachers in the school, some are never more than shadowy figures giving orders. At least one is totally a spy.

The Watchman: the Board's guard dog. May have the ability to naturally manipulate time, just like The Other Boy. May also be a soldier from the future.

Other People: a colorful cast of bored rich kids and celebrity starlets, or children of celebrities, and probably some famous historical figures.

Series Notes:
Episodes would probably revolve around AND TODAY, WE'RE GOING TO VISIT SUCH AND SUCH HISTORICAL EVENT, with various hijinks and small mysteries, with a larger arc of how the time travel technology was discovered. Probably ends up with some sci fi plot of the original "time machine" actually being a living person with the power to manipulate time, possibly a refugee from a war torn future where such abilities are prized as weapons. There'd be some paradoxes to wrestle with over whether Tempus Fugit actually caused the future war with their discovery, or if war existed independently of Tempus Fugit. There would also be cases of people involved with the technology choosing to lose themselves in time, deciding to live their lives with new families in some time period. The Other Girl is probably a child from one of these situations.

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Back from Portland now.

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I am not pleased to be home, but at least I didn't come back to a huge disaster at work. It'll be fine in a few days and I'll be all caught up. :c I'm pretty jet-lagged atm though and feeling sick and exhausted.

I want to be back there so badly already. My gray empty house doesn't feel real yet.